Agile Tool Kit
AgileToolKit for Android is a utility in your pocket for an Agile Software Development environment such as Scrum, Extreme Programming(XP) , Story Point for estimation. This utility is for Iteration Manger, Analyst, Developer and Tester. Checkout tools like 'Start Scrum', 'Story Card Estimation',and'T-Shirt Size Estimation'.
iSpeak is simple text to speak utility in your pocket for Android power phone. Simply enter or copy the text and touch "iSpeak" your device will read it. It's that easy. iSpeak uses the TTS engine, currently supports languages English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. Remember to turn on speaker and turn up the volume.
iBillboard Banner
Here is your own electronic IBILLBOARD messager. IBILLBOARD is a simple application that turns any message into your personalized iBILLBOARD banner in lights. IBILLBOARD is perfect for concerts, classes, conferences, parties and various work projects. You will soon realize that no phone is complete without IBILLBOARD.
Banana Name Play
WOW Banana Name Play. Here is your own "Banana Name Play" for your name. Just enter your name and touch 'Start' and your phone will play "Banana Name Play". It's that easy. Remember to turn on speaker and turn up the volume.
iBreak Bricks
'iBreak Brick' is ping pong brick breaking game. The goal is to hit the colored bricks with ball to remove them. Slide the paddle (with Magic Track Pad) to prevent the ball from hitting the bottom. Configuration options for speed, level, balls makes 'iBreak Brick' addicting for all types of players.
Auto Unit Converter
Use Auto unit converter for quick and easy metrics conversion. Auto converter supports for categories Acceleration, Amt Of Substance, Angle, Area, Computer, Concentration, Density, Distance, Energy, Flow, Force, Light, Mass, Power, Pressure, Temperature, Time, Torque, Velocity, Volume, Volume Dry.
Color Puzzle
As simple puzzle game - the goal to remove same colored balls/bricks from screen. The objective of the game is to get as many points as possible by removing cell of same color. You remove same color cells by clicking on one of the cells which selects all neighboring cells. To remove selected cell, click again. 15 levels.
iRecord transforms your phone into mobile audio recorder – perfect for recording voice memos, lecture, interviews, reminders, business meeting, music, kids voices. Super easy to use starts recording with single click! The recorder allow to record, save your memos. Record for hrs or just seconds.
Talk to Teddy Bear
Talk to Teddy Bear. Teddy Bear talk to you with Funny voices. You can change the color of your Teddy Bear. Enjoy hours of fun and laughter with Teddy Bear.
Mood Scanner
You must have a Mood Scanner on your Phone !. Scan your thumb… discover your mood !!! This app is for entertainment purposes only.
Glow Paint Brush
Do you like drawing? Do you like glowing? Waaaaaah!- Try with Glow Paint Brush !!!
Get your IQ level with the "iGenius app". It’s simple, easy and fun, with results in 10 mins. Review your answers and provided explanations at the end to improve your IQ.
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Find Places
Checkout "iFind Places" before visiting any destination (restaurants, bars, malls, coffee shops, gas stations etc.). Get coupons and reviews.